Ultimate Villa

  • 12 Double Bedrooms
  • 12 Bathrooms
  • 500m2 Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Helipad
  • Sleeps 24

This extraordinary Villa combines luxury with the Cycladic simplicity. Totally isolated Ultimate Villa offers breathtaking views of the Aegean, sunrise and sunset, from each and every corner or suite

The pool of 500 sq.m – larger in the island of Mykonos gives the idea of being isolated on a private blue island

Flowing fabrics decorate the dinning caves and all the corners from where someone can enjoy the night lights of Chora (Mykonos Town) and the boats that come and go

All furniture, have been uniquely handcrafted by a famous fashion interior designer who has chosen this Villa to make a dream come true

This residence of 4 levels with the most breathtaking views of the islands Delos, Rheinia, Tinos and Santorini includes 12 double bedrooms, 8 bars, 6 private dining areas, 12 different Aegean Cocooning Areas, a pool of 500 sq.m with Palm trees, underwater bars, helipad and a fully equipped gym offering stunning sea views

Once you visit this Ultimate Villa you will never want to leave….


Each bedroom of this Villa has a concept of its own so that all guests live their own experience

The White Suite

  • At the highest side of the residency the white room, offers you the illusion of reaching the sky as you can watch the sun rising and the un falling right in front of your eyes.
  • The double king size bed is decorated with special flowing fabrics and the closet and furniture are all made of white holly wood and thick ropes giving you the experience of pure nature. Having its own private veranda with hammocks and sunbeds, the deck of the White room can offer the guests the opportunity of a private dinner or relaxation with the amazing View of Delos island

The Dreaming Suites

  • This area at the top of the cliff includes 3 independent double bedrooms that combine the infinitive Aegean view beauty and the calmness of the infinitive pool, as at the back side there is a private area that seems to be built at the top of the pool
  • All bedrooms are en suite including private bars with wines and spirits, handmade sofas and comfortable handmade beds with the softest mattresses you have ever experienced

The Big Blue Suite

  • This cozy en suite bedroom with an extra king size bed, wooden floor and furniture gives you the idea of waking up in front of the Big Blue of the Hellenic Crystal Seas

The Juicy Suite

  • At the first floor of this extraordinary residency the fashion en suite bedroom includes a king size bed, a cozy sofa and a closet decorated with fabrics and cells

The Spiritual Suites

  • These 2 private suites can either be separated or reunited by opening the middle door, giving the opportunity of total privacy as they have a private entrance from the Villa
  • Ideal for a family with children or for 2 couples the bedrooms seem like they are built inside a cave with huge double beds and bathrooms with sinks made of Mykonian stones
  • The interior latter, leads you from the double suite to the main living room of the Villa

The Palm Tree Suite

  • This amazing suite –totally isolated from the other bedrooms- just in front of the palm trees and plants is an independent area with a king size bed and a double sofa bed for relaxation

The Palm Tree Suite II

  • An independent suite at the entrance of the Villa with double bed and bathroom

The Paradise on Earth Royal Suite

  • The Royal Suite of this Villa in Mykonos is a space of 175 sq. with 3 bathrooms, a Jacuzzi for 2 at the edge of the king size triple bed , one private bar, a private wardrobe, and a massage room with flowing colored waters for massage and relaxation
  • The king size bed offers amazing views of Mykonos and Delos from the inside and has 2 private verandas right at the top of the pool. A wooden bridge leads to the other side of the Villa (at the White room’s veranda) without being seen, so that the guests can also enjoy the magic of the White room in case they wish
  • The massage room includes a massage bed where the guests can enjoy the experience of the flowing colored waters on the body before or after their spiritual and organic treatment through a Tai Massage
  • Right next to it, you can find another shower and a handcrafted stone sink
  • A private wardrobe next to the Jacuzzi with a colored glass entrance is located at the side of the private bar made of white Mykonian stones

 The Club

  • A place of 150 sq.m includes a private club with a piano and a fully equipped instrumental Dolby surround club for private parties just in front of the infinitive Aegean. The club includes a private Jacuzzi for 4 and an extra king size bed right next to it

The Mythical Pool

  • The biggest pool in the island. Giving you the illusion of diving into the Aegean s big blue, this infinitive pool of 700 sq.m has an island shape, giving the opportunity to the guests to swim or relax in totally different corners areas
  • The natural see water surrounds the gorgeous palm tree giving the impression of an exotic island
  • The wooden bridge that leeds the guests from the main entrance towards the club
  • Inside the pool you can find luxury toys for boys and fabulous surprises for the girls, such as a huge bar inside the pool with a see through bottom
  • 2 boats are always inside the pool, either to tour you around the pool areas either they are filled up with ice and champagnes for amazing parties!
  • From the front side of the pool you cannot get enough of the Aegean Sea view or you can relax by laying in the hammocks of the palm tree. From the west side you can enjoy the external relaxing areas the bars, or even take a nap at the white couches rights next to all corners of the pool
  • An external wooden bar is located right next to the back side of the pool for the ones who want to stay independent or have a romantic glass of wine out of the wine collections that you can find inside

The Gym

  • The biggest and most equipped gym of the whole island right in front of the Big Blue. The gym includes more than 50 TECNOGYM working out machines. The energy and feeling of working out with the greatest views makes you love the exercise even more

Staff rooms

  • This Villa includes 2 assist/staff rooms, the Jacuzzi loft room and the room by the Gym

Mykonos Island

Area Choulakie, Facing West, North & South


  • Mykonos Town: 8.5 klm
  • Mykonos New Port Tourlos: 4.7 klm
  • Mykonos Airport: 9 klm


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