I have been traveling to Mykonos for more than 10 years and using Mykonos Chic services for the last 5 years. Since I met them, I found out how wonderful and professional Kleio is and soon she became to me a trusted good friend more than a concierge. Kleio is always a phone call away and treats her customers as good as someone treats his closest friends.

I rely on Mykonos Chic for many things and I trust the choices and aftersales experience 100 percent because I know I am dealing with someone professional and who understands the local situation and in the same time who cares about me and takes care of me.

I can’t think now of anything negative to mention especially that for the past years, my experience was great and I don’t remember any problems. I would strongly advise anyone to use Mykonos Chic services and to trust completely and to let them handle the booking part so the traveler can focus on the fun and enjoyment part.

Khaled Chatila



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